I'm Karine. I'm a Partner at Slope, a creative agency + venture fund I started with my partner Jeffrey in 2019. We help startups with brand + design, and also actively invest in startups, particularly in commerce tech, B2B SaaS, and fintech.

📍 Los Angeles, CA ☀️




I’m a founder, marketer, and startup builder - living playfully + authentically as my unique self. ✨

Through Slope, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to partner + build beloved brands for 200+ companies. I currently lead our VC investments and BD + partnership efforts, previously led the digital marketing + TikTok side of the agency for the first 2 years. Select clients:

In early 2023, I started building Assembly, as the software product I always wished I had while running the marketing side of the agency. We have 80+ B2B companies, ecommerce companies, and agencies helping them scale marketing through content. Reach out to learn more 😊


I’m love supporting founders, and am particularly interested in the future of e-commerce enablement, B2B SaaS, and fintech. Founders usually come to me to think through all things marketing, GTM, growth + marketing, and brand. I believe deeply in founders that work on companies that align with their values and can proudly call their life’s work.



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<aside> ✉️ Email me at [email protected]